Scalable, Agile, Cost Effective

Talent is the foundation of all great companies. At InceptionPad, we combine the most seasoned leaders with a skilled and scalable team of designers and developers. Here is our story.


Tan Lu

CEO & Managing Director

Tan brings 15 years of experience in building enterprise IT solutions, and has led teams in US, Russia and China. Tan holds 13 patents, a MS in computer engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, and a MBA from Columbia University. InceptionPad is driven by Tan's passion for building innovative products.

James Keeney

Partner, UX and Architecture

Jim has extensive experience building web-services-based web and mobile applications. Working in industries as diverse as financial services, online news, education and homeland security, Jim has utilized a combination of eCRM and open source technologies to create innovative solutions.

Zehua Gao

Partner and Director of BUPTEC

Professor Gao is one of the leading researchers in the field of telecommunication and computer science. He is also the director of Beijing University of Post and Telecommunication's entrepreneural center which provides talented computer science graduate students to InceptionPad.

Edward Han

Lead Designer

Edward brings over 5 years of experience in UX and UI design. He has an uncanny ability for finding the most streamlined design that makes our products a breeze to use. Furthermore, Edwards is skilled developer himself, and as a result his designs look great and can be implemented very effenciently.

Dustin Vanstee

Technical Advisor

Dustin consults for InceptionPad on data analytics projects. He has over 15 years of experience in creating enterprise solutions and is an expert in all things Big Data.

Runtang Xuan

Project Manager

Runtang is our expert in Node.js, SOLR, and hybrid (PhoneGap) mobile application development. Runtang is experienced with building large-scale and highly reliable websites.

Huan Luo

Project Manager

Huan is our expert in server side development using Node.js and several PHP frameworks. He is deeply experienced in payment processing as well as integration with all major social networks.

Huanyu Zhao

Project Manager

Huanyu is an expert in native iOS development as well as being an experienced developer with hybrid (PhoneGap) mobile application development. He is also our resident expert in push notification and advertising networks.

Hanting Cong

Lead Developer

Hanting is our expert in Big Data (HADOOP) and mobile application development using both hybrid technology (Titanium) as well as native Android development. Hanting is also an expert in Wordpress.

Lianzhu Ni

Lead Developer

Lianzhu is our expert in hybrid (PhoneGap) mobile application development and AJAX-based interactive websites. He is an expert with Cordova/PhoneGap, Ionic/Angular, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, and several PHP frameworks.

Jiaqi Fan

Lead Developer

Jiaqi is our expert in sever side development using PHP frameworks. He is especially experienced with SOLR and has a deep understanding about search performance improvement.

Zhuoran Zhang

Senior Developer

Zhuoran is our expert in SOLR, Node.js, Mongo DB, and low-level control systems. Zhuoran has built several mobile applicatios and interactive websites as well as winning 2nd prize in a China-wide smart-car competition.

Yanbo Wang


Yanbo is experienced with server-side development using several PHP and Python frameworks. He is also proficient in front-end development using Ionic/Angular, and have a strong interest in machine learning.

Yun Lu


Yun is expereinced with building data visulation dashboards, as well as being proficient in several server-side languages including Node.js and PHP. She is also experienced with native Android development.

Zequn Wu


Zequn is experienced with server-side development using several Python and PHP frameworks. Additionally, he is a proficient Linux system administrator and have a strong interest in machine learning.

Song Wang


Song is experienced with front-end development using Ionic/Angular as well as building responsive websites using Bootstrap and JQuery. He is also proficient in server-side programming with Node.js and PHP.




Rollcall's new video webpage is designed to handle hundreds of thousands of visitors perday. It uses a dynamic grid system to allow infinite arrangements of videos.

We are 3 Years Old


We are committed to help businesses and startups in the Baltimore and DC area succeed by bringing them a more efficient way of innovation and product development.

Courtplay App and Website Launched


We are partnered with Courtplay Inc. to bring tennis players and their coaches a better way of booking and paying for lessons.

Access to Global Talent

InceptionPad has access to teams of highly skilled designers and developers in China and Russia. All of our teams are trained in the process of Agile Development and is always led by our experienced US-based technical and design leaders.

Our team in China is extremely scalable and selected from what is considered the MIT of China - The Beijing University of Post and Telecomunication (BUPT). Through official collaboration with the school we work with over 300 graduate students every year and offer the best developers internship oppurtunities. These interns will work with us for at least 1 year while completing their graduate studies before either InceptionPad or our client hires them as fulltime staff.

Our team in Russia is highly specialized with years of experience working with banking customers and with data-warehousing solutions. Our CEO's created the relationship with this team of developers during his 3-year international assignment working in Moscow Russia from 2006 -2009 while working for IBM.